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The Next Season of Shugo Chara Yay!



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Part 2 is now here~ I thought that this post would be a lot longer, but it turned to be really short. That’s why I cut it in to 2. 

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I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

I first got attracted to this over on kanzeon’s blog. I really thought it was a Nabari no Ou fanart (and I wasn’t alone on that matter.)

But besides that, I have high hopes for this.






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Maji De Hakken!? Embryo!

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Shugo Chara! This is The Real Me!?

I am not so sure what the actual name is but out of what I have read it is “This is The Real Me!?”.

The game does inclued different mini-games and if I am correct, Dia. Also, Amu does a charcter change with Kiseki. I do have the first game and it was very fun, it does go by the anime (at some points) so it was easy to tell what to do next. So look forward to the second game! You can purchase the first game on ebay.

It will be released Novemer 6th!