“The bell’s rung.”

Let’s get this series started.

by Llora-chan



So I decided to put up a list of animes that I will want to watch, some that seem interesting, and whatnot. The animes are in random order and the animes that I’m going to blog will be in a bullet list towards the bottom.

By Llora-chan

Akane-Iro Ni Somaru Saka

It’s one of those shows where I have to watch it because of the seiyuus. The seiyuus include: 

  • Katou Emiri (Kagami – Lucky Star; Ran – Telepathy Girl Ran)
  • Kugimiya Rie (Shana – Shagukan no Shana; Louise – Zero no Tsukaima)
  • Inoue Marina (Kana – Minami-ke; Chiri – Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei)
  • Hirano Aya (Haruhi – Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu; Konata – Lucky Star)
  • Hirohashi Ryou (Alice – Aria; Kyou – Clannad)
  • Tanaka Rie (Chi – Chobits; Suigintou – Rozen Maiden)
  • Hazuki Erino (Akari – Aria; Uzura – Princess Tutu)

But the writer and directo have both worked with School Days. I didn’t see it, but I know what happened. I hope this anime doesn’t turn out like that. (The English translation is “The Hillside Dyed Red.”) If it starts to turn that way, I’m going to stop watching this right away.