Zero no Tsukaima

Yo, Zak-kun here. Time for my first blogging! I will be blogging Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo from now on, so look forward to it!

Let’s start off this episode:

Louise and Saitou are on another request from the queen to find the elf girl who brought Saituo back to life. On the road they run into Siesta! (I like love rivals.) And she tags along, though, Louise isn’t too happy about it, but Saitou is okay with it.

You can’t go anywhere without Siesta!!


My grandpa is in the hospital. He has been there since yesterday (July 10) and will stay there for a while. He’s going to have sugery (I think it’s open-heart surgery) on Monday but he still needs to see the surgeon to see IF they can do it on Monday. We’ll see.

I will not be able to get on my laptop for a while because I will be staying in the hospital. I will able to go on sometimes when I get home (like now) though.

So, while I spent 7 hours at the hospital today, I did some thinking.

I will not be blogging Someday’s Dreamers, Slayers Revolution, or Zero no Tsukaima. I’m already behind on some shows that I need to type up and getting rid of those 3 shows will help… especially since I’ll be at the hospital most of the time.

These are the animes I WILL blog:

  1. Chocolate Underground
  2. Natsume Yuujin Chou
  3. Telepathy Shoujo Ran
  4. Testuwan Birdy Decode
  5. World Destruction

Please pray for him.

by Llora-chan

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Free Image Hosting at“Don’t stare at me like that…”

Yeah, because it can get annoying.

by Llora-chan



I have a feeling that if I blog this like my other shows, I’m going to get frustrated. Especially, since I have my Biology class squeezing the life out of me.

So, the what I’ll blog about is:

  • What I LIKED (if I talk about what I don’t like, then it might get crazy)
  • The Big-breasted fairy that saved Saito-san

Now, why the big-breasted fairy? Because she’s my favorite character (and also Tabitha-chan). Why is she my favorite character? Because her seiyuu is Noto Mamiko.

You know, I didn’t need to type this. But why did I type this up? Because… I don’t remember. I had a reason when I started typing… but I forgot it. Oh well.

by Llora-chan

These are the shows that I’ll be blogging. Since I’m watching subs, I won’t be as fast those who are watching raws. The anime shown don’t have extreme detail. The only thing shown here is the title, air date, and some words from me. ^^ I’ll have a separate post for each one.