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I was watching Allison to Lillia today to try and finish it up since I had only 5 episodes left. Unfortunately, I have to watch it raw. But I can understand more or less of what they’re saying so it’s OK. I also have Random Curiosity to correct me if I thought wrong about something.

Anyways, in episode 22, I took this screenshot of Treize. I thought it looked really cute and I love how his hair looks here.

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Hi Hi! I guess You have been Wondering what I have been doing latley!

Well I have been Working on my website and soo I finally finshed it! Also I will be Blog the shugo chara episodes I havent done yet!

Anyways I am Back Now XD

I feel so bad that I didn’t really say bye and that I could finish blogging Binbou Shimai Monogatari for my scheduled posts.
I’ll type more later because I just got home today and I’m tired and I don’t feel like typing right now.
Darn, when you leave for a week, you miss A LOT in the anime world.

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He he… by Llora-chan.

Yo, Zak-kun here. Time for my first blogging! I will be blogging Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo from now on, so look forward to it!

Let’s start off this episode:

Louise and Saitou are on another request from the queen to find the elf girl who brought Saituo back to life. On the road they run into Siesta! (I like love rivals.) And she tags along, though, Louise isn’t too happy about it, but Saitou is okay with it.

You can’t go anywhere without Siesta!!

My grandpa went into surgery at 8:00 AM this morning. Which meant I had to wake up at 4 AM and get to the hospital at 5 AM. I only slept for 30 minutes… that was not good. I could not go to sleep until 3: 30 AM. But that’s what happens when you have bad sleeping habits. I blame the summer.

But anyways, he came out fine. I did not see him today. I thought I would cry if I saw him with tubes coming out of his mouth and his chest.  I am going to see him tomorrow, though.

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