This blog first started out as a solo blog. Then it expanded into a team blog with 3 authors.

+++By Llora-chan

I always hate these pages because it’s so hard thinking of what to write. So since I can’t think of anything else, I’ll just write about my anime life.

My first anime I watched was Sailor Moon when I was 6 (or something like that) which was introduced to me by my aunt. After watching Sailor Moon, I ALSO fell in love with Dragonball Z and Pokemon. I don’t know what it was that made me love Dragonball Z but I did like it… A lot.

Then my very same aunt started buying the manga for Sailor Moon which I read like crazy. Then I moved on to Miracle Girls.

Then, I don’t remember what manga it was, but in the back, it had like some pages for other mangas. One of them said, “If you liked Sailor Moon, then you’ld definitely like this one.” And that one, was Tokyo Mew Mew. So, of course, I was going to buy it. This was like in 4th or 5th grade (5 or 6 years ago).

Then one day in 5th grade, my friends were talking about it. Yeah, this was a super big surprise to me. They had the 1st book!

That very day I went to the bookstore and I bought that 1st book and I was sooo happy!

So,~~ Gya~ I’ll continue this later. I’m tired of typing right now.

+++By Llora-chan

Last Updated: 7/27/08


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hera Says:

    Thanks for adding me in your blogroll ^^!

  2. Llora-chan Says:

    @Hera: *hugs back* Your welcome! ^^

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