“There’s… no one?”

So sad to be all alone in the world. (Brownie points if you can guess where that line came from.)

By Llora-chan

I liked this episode. I really did. I just wish that the fight between Kaori and Kamijou-kun was more interesting. But I still liked it. ^^ (Though, Stiyl’s battle was sooooo much cooler.)

Kamijou-kun has so much resolve~ Kakkoi~

I love his character.

Anyways, the good thing about the battle was that you were able to find out the reason Index was being chased and all that other wonderful stuff.


Both Index and Kamijou-kun care for each other. That is completely obvious.

I really want to see what happens with Index and the mind-erasing problem. And, by the way, I love the bar-code thing underneath Stiyl’s right eye.