“Apparently, Index has committed 103,000 grimoires to memory.”

WoW~ No wonder her name is Index.

By Llora-chan


This show is definitely better than Shakugan no Shana. I started to hate that show as it neared the end of the 2nd season. But yeah, this is way more cooler. The colors are amazing and the characters are most definitely better!

Episode 1

  • The esper abilities are amazing. I loved seeing Mikoto-chan use her electricity.
  • Kamijou-kun as a main character is awesome. He’s not really coward (he definitely has more guts than Tsuji will ever have). His canceling ability is pretty cool too.
  • Kamijou-kun’s voice actor is Abe Atsushi who also does Kuukai in Shugo Chara. (I always refer to Kuukai as KoolKat by the way.) 
  • Index’s biting is a unique tactic for revenge. I can’t think of another girl who bites for revenge.
  • I really like how Kamijou-kun shows that he does care for Index. Like when she was leaving his room and he said that she can come back if she needs to.






Episode 2

  • Loved the fire! And the runes stuff! And everything!
  • My 2 favorite scenes were this and this. Click on them! Click on them!
  • I also love Kamijou-kun and his character! He’s so KAKKOI~






Episode 3

  • The healing magic was pretty cool~
  • I loved Sensei in her little bunny outfit. She was very cute. ^^
  • Kyaa~ I love the relationship between Kamijou-kun and Index! It’s so… kyaaa~ >.<






Kyaa~ I can’t wait for the next episode!