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ShugoCharaDoki531.jpg picture by DoSheGooThis eppisode was like ten times more Interesting!!! The begining was kinda funny cause almost everyone wanted one of the king doughnuts. Look even Keseki had one XD

Anyeay the begining had fillers so, dont get soo surprized.  I love the Puppets they used though, I hope they sell them or something XD



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Anyways This was probley the first ever rainy day Eppisode in Shugo Chara! Well thats what I read. Also look Ikuto Smiles!!! Amazing right I thougt it was XD

If you look below, you see ikuto and Tadase…is it me or do they both look like girls….


Anyway I dont really wanna ruin it for you so yah enjoy…


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