Part 2 is now here~ I thought that this post would be a lot longer, but it turned to be really short. That’s why I cut it in to 2. 

by Llora-chan


I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

I first got attracted to this over on kanzeon’s blog. I really thought it was a Nabari no Ou fanart (and I wasn’t alone on that matter.)

But besides that, I have high hopes for this.







Tales of the Abyss

I won’t pass on this one. I love the Tales games.

I have played:

  • Tale of Symphonia
  • Tales of Legendia
  • Tale of Phantasia (very little)

I’ve only watched ZAK-kun play this game. But I’m still looking forward to watching this.





Skip Beat!

I’m only interested in this one because my friend was reading the manga and she loves it. That’s it.









Shugo Chara!! Doki~

I hope this season stays closer to the manga than the 1st season did.

The 1st season had many fillers and they also took the manga apart and put the storyline in a weird random order. It’s too confusing.

I’m still stuck back on episode 13. So I’ll have to do some catching up if I want to stay on track with this anime.





Animes that will be blogged:

  • Shugo Chara!! Doki~ – by Soniku-chan

Now this is very important:

Animes that I said (between this post and the last one) that will be blogged are not set in stone.

I can change my mind at the last minute or I can make an extra addition. Just to let you all know.