“Ahahaha… Welcome back.”

Glad to be back. ^_^

by Llora-chan

I really want to finish blogging this series so I’m doing a multiple post for lack of time. So I guess I’ll go over my thoughts on the episode in bullet form.

Episode 7

  • I really wanted to see some lovey-dovey with Kyo-chan.
  • I’m really disappointed that Kyo-chan only gave the chocolate to the guy just because her friend couldn’t do it.
  • Asu-chan really annoyed me with her attitude. But she was really cute when she found out how perfect the guy is. And she was also really cute when she tried to make sure Kyo-chan wouldn’t be heart-broken. So I’ll forgive her. ^^





Episode 8

  • Kyo-chan was absolutely adorable this episode. Her being afraid of the voice at night… Kawaii~ >.<
  • If only Asu-chan was older, then they could’ve had a very cute love story going on. Kya~ ^^
  • I didn’t like Asu-chan’s singing when she presented at class.. It was too high pitched. But I guess that’s the limit for her type of voice.





Episode 9

  • I’m so glad that Asu-chan won the 3rd place prize of cell-phones. I’m really happy that they didn’t go with that cliche of winning the 1st prize and then going to the onsen.
  • Seeing Asu-chan and Kyo-chan with cell-phones was hilarious since they both had no clue about how to use it or anything.
  • And, I love how Kyo-chan exaggerates on tons of things.
  • In the end, it seemed that the cell phones brought more harm than good. But they’ll get used to it soon. ^^





And so the last episode approaches!