ShugoChara50NoSub_0001.jpg picture by DoSheGoo
Maji De Hakken!? Embryo!

I am not so sure what the title is in english but, anyways , This episode was pretty much based on the Charas. I thought this episode was kinda funny.


Like here something I thought was supper interesting.

Whats Kukai playing?

Look what Kukai’s Playing! We may call it the PSP but in Shugo Chara it is a PPPShugoChara50NoSub_0003.jpg picture by DoSheGoo







Well besides that, the Episode is not only based on the Chara’s but the Embryo. Almost everone sees the embryo, So yah.. I amkinda lazy to blog his so here a some screenshots

And before all the Screenshots here is a preview of the next Eppie!

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