“Is this love telepathy?”

I sure hope so.

by Llora-chan


Midori-chan was kinda down this episode. I mean, except for when Rin-oniichan came into the topic. And also at the end, while teasing Ran. And, yes, it is really important on whether Rin-oniichan’s friend is a boy or a girl. Thankfully for Midori-chan,  it was a boy. But for the next episode, it’s a girl! But more on that later~

Also, I was happy to hear Midori-chan’s violin again. And there was a lot of nice bg music that I liked. (I want the OST!)

He he, I love Midori-chan’s voicemail. I didn’t actually believe that Ran-chan would do it… but she did. La~

We had some Rui X Ran moments!! Look at Ayase-kun ( ^ ). He looks much better when he’s blushing. Kyaa~ At least, Ran acknowledges her love for Ayase-kun. ♥

I thought Midori-chan looked really pretty in these two pictures Kirei na~

I hope we get an episode about Midori-chan’s parents. It’d be nice to see them accept her… I hope they’re not dead. But I guess the abandoned her to live on her own. Answers~ I need them.

And so, for the next episode, we’re going to see Midori-chan freak out about Rin-oniichan’s friend who’s a girl. It would be really cute if Midori-chan ends up with Rin-oniichan, but I kinda doubt that. Also, Rin-oniichan’s in college, right? Or what? Anyways, Midori-chan might turn into spy-mode next time. That’d be funny. ^^

Oh, and regarding the quote on the top of the page: I couldn’t fix and make it centered, no matter what I tried. So, it’s just going to stay like that.