“Why are you smiling?”

Because she’s happy! Duh~

by Llora-chan


This was something that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while just out of pure curiosity and because of Mu-chan (above). I was pretty disappointed though. I thought it would be something really good… but no. 

This OVA only spanned 11 minutes and it was (I think) supposed to only promote the PS2 game and the manga. I’m going to try out the manga mostly because I like the character designs and because of Mu-chan. I also heard that it’s supposed to be really funny. 

But anyways, the purpose of these little dolls is to exterminate bugs. Yep.

Then we have Kimi-chan…

…Kimi-chan reminded me of a boy at this moment. I really am not exactly sure why.

For me, I think Mu-chan was the one who saved this OVA from disaster. For me… it may be different for others. Some people found this very funny. I really didn’t.

Also, since I really like Mu-chan, here’s some info:

  • I love her hair ^^
  • She is voiced by Nakahara Mai who also plays Nagisa in Clannad.
  • This OVA was created in 2004
  • Was Produced by Doumu (also produced Ichigo Mashimaro)

And that’s it. I’m going to sleep… z z Z Z Z Z