“I’m not useless anymore, right?”


by Llora-chan


I decided to use bigger screenshots this time around. Since I changed the theme of my blog, I can put these big shots up. And I used the subbed version for screenshots because the raw version was too blurry.

Anyways, I never knew Takashi-kun was that strong. He’s so cool~ Kakkoi~ ^^


Kawaii kitsune~ I thought it was a girl at first… but he still looks cute.

But one day… A whale with hair came and ate part of the United States. I have to make this post short since I’m kinda in a hurry because I have 2 papers to do today.

And also, do you like the big pictures? After doing this post, I think I don’t like them. I guess I might go back to resizing them on imageshack. Whatever you like. Bye~