After CJ’s story, I started off for Jen’s story.


by Llora-chan

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I like Jen’s character design. I like her short hair and I love her outfit. And… (now that I actually really look at her) does she have earrings on? She’s doesn’t have any on during the time she kisses Chase… or maybe it’s just on her left ear?








 I loved Jen’s story more than I did CJ’s. Maybe it could be because of this:

Kyaa~ >.<

I loved her hair and expression here. Judging by how she looks, it seemed like she was really insecure about how he felt about her and how she felt him even though he did tell he likes her. I think she was probably still thinking about Chase’s choice of words, “I think I like you.” She was probably worried about the words, “I think.”


I’m over-analyzing this… ^_^; It’s probably just that she was scared and that’s it.

Oh, though it did remind me of Haruhi and Kyon because of the tie-pulling~





Anyways, this time around I had my sister with me during the beginning of the story and was pretty interested in it. She loved Chase’s face in this pic:

Besides Chase’s face, I also love Jen’s hair (yes, the hair… again) and her yukata. I sooooo want her yukata. Oh, I also love Jen’s face. Kawaii dayo nee? ^^

And that’s it for today. I still have to do the fanarts I want to do for this game, but I haven’t had the time to do it. And when I do have the time… I usually go and do something else. Drawing is low priority for me, but I will get it done! Maybe after I finish this game… Yeah, that’ll probably be it.