“Yamashita got a love letter!”

Aww~ ^^

by Llora-chan


So, I’ve finally got the time to actually blog something. And my blog will finally start going again. I blame school for everything. Makes me so busy and super tired. And I’m sick… again. This is my 4th time in the last 2 months. Not good. But anyways~

Midori-chan is still getting odder and odder every episode. This time, she had a passion for chicken wings. And, by the way, I know this is out of the blue but it just kinda popped into my head. When I showed my mom my binder covers which had Midori-chan, she was like “Oh! She looks like you!” …And then I was like “Okay, she kinda does… I guess.” So now everytime I think of Midori-chan, I think me also.

Oh, but I’m not as odd as Midori-chan is. I do do weird things sometimes, but not as weird and adorable as Midori-chan does. (Ha ha, do do.  You know, like doo-doo. Yeah~)

Kyaa~ I wanted some lovey-dovey. And doing homework together does not count!!! I mean, unless, it was studying each other’s eyes… >.<

Next time, Ayase-kun saves Ran-chan from falling to her death… again.

Yay! My 1st eppy blog in like… a while. ^^