“Ah, when should I start puking…”

When a cockroach is crawling on her leg while a giant spider is on her face and she’s laughing about it. (I couldn’t think of anything for Ginko-chan’s comment.)

by Llora-chan

This episode revovled around the Echigoya sisters… and how odd both of them (but the oneesan is really odd). Today’s post will just mostly have screenshots mostly because I lack the energy to type at the moment. I’m really sleepy~

Oh, if you read the subtitles, it gives you some insight on their oddness.


I’m definitely looking forward to some lovey-dovey next episode. ^^ Though Asu-chan might be the one getting jealous. Ugh~ She’s probably going to go on about how she doesn’t want to lose her oneechan. I want lovey-dovey >.<