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Rima! Unlock The Heart!



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Kairi’s Sister was saything Something about Utau and Dia, That Utau has become stonger with Dia. and That They Should soon be able to find the embryo. But She was drunk so she got impatientet waiting for her food.

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Anyways we go to Rima and KusuKusu! They were Watching TV, They were watching the Show with the Bala- Balance~ Thing, Unfortunaly Her Mom Came home and Changed the Channel. I liked KusuKusu’s Face It Looked Funny.  Well Her Mom Called rima and was talking to her, She was telling Rima to Quit The Guardians.

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The next day the Guardians were talking about the Onedari CD’s (Black Diamond CD’s) and Amu was saying that Now that Tadase has a Charcter Transformation it will be easyer, So what happend is what is in the picture above and of course Eru comes in!!!! She starts to say that the Love Signal was rising or something like that xD so Eru starts to sing a song about them and Tadase and Amu try to stop her.

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After all That the Guardians tell everyone to give the Onedari CD’s to them, While that Amu and Rima were going around school also collecting them. So as they stop Rima goes to turna corner and she drops the letter saying she was gonna quit. Amu Picks it up and reads it, She tells Ran and the Others to give it back to Kusu Kusu But Quietly. Towards the end of the day Rima gets in the car and her mother ask if she gave the letter to them and she said had not. As Amu is Going home She hears a Song and when she arives she see’s Tadase so they Both Charcter Transfrom and see lots of X eggs.

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As Time Passes they Get cought by the Eggs and have no one to save them, Suu tell Amu to Call Rima but just as Amu is about to grab the Phone an egg comes and knocks it out of Suu’s Hand, Luckly it had dialed Rima’s Number. So Kusu Kusu Tells Rima to pick up the Phone and when she picks up the phone she hears that Amu and Tadase are in Danger, but as Rima is leaving Her parents Stop her. They Start to Ask where is she going so Her Dad grabbed her away from the door and right there Rima said that her Parents her dumb that they look Stupid when the Fight all the time so she ran out and Character Transformed.

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And then Rima Saves Amu and Tadase! So After Amu does Her “Colorful Canvas Special” and Tadase’s “White Decoration”. And Amu Does her Open Heart. Later Rima’s Parents Get Mad at her and Amu Tell KusuKusu To Character Change. And so the Both do The Bala Balnce.  And Amu Tells Rima’s Parents that All Rima wants to do is Smile Again. So the Take Rima home. And As Tadase Amu and Yaya (Yah I forgot to mention that Yaya was there XP) Go another way they See Kairi. He Tells them that He is a Spy From Easter.

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Anyways Also in this Episode there is a new Shugo Chara Ending!