I squealed.

by Llora-chan

Created by our very own: Hinano! *Trumpets play*


I downloaded this game the day it came out, but, unfortunately, I had to leave the day right after to go to Alaska. I came back this past Monday and… I forgot this existed. Sorry! I even told myself that I had to play this game as soon as I came back. .I was even tempted to take my laptop on the cruise just to play this game! Yeah, I really wanted to play this game.

So, I remembered about… 30 mins. ago. I was thinking about writing my little novel and then BOOM! Guess who came knocking? It was my memory of this game.

Before I left for my trip, I already played a little bit of the game. I met CJ and Natsuko. That’s it. The last thing I did was making it to the park.

Anyways, today I did CJ’s story, which you probably would’ve guessed from the big pic on top.

Yes, I squealed. Most of it during the scene above. Just writing those words again made me squeal again. Kyaa~

Hinano! Arigato gozaimasu! You just made my night! Yeah, by the way, I said night because it’s actually 2:30 AM right now as I’m typing this very sentence. What am I doing up so late? Well, I blame it on the 4 hour difference between here (Florida) and Alaska. 

Arigato Hinano! Now I’m off to draw some fanart to put on my deviantART account. After I get some sleep.