“Tsutomu is my buddy.”

That’s right!

by Llora-chan

"Tsutomu is my buddy."

I was kinda half and half on waiting for this episode. I didn’t want to see it because I thought it was going to go crazy about Nakasugi-san and Senkawa-kun. But I did want to see it because they left space (or whatever) and they got back home.

Like I said in my last Tetsuwan Birdy post, I don’t care for any lovey-dovey between Nakasugi-san and Senkawa-kun. All of my favorite parts in this episode came from when it was just Senkawa-kun and Birdy.

"I already said I'm not in love."

 That would be so wonderful… if it was true.

Eh? I cant hear you?

"Eh? I can't hear you."

Birdy has such a cute right hand. Kawaii, desho? ^^






They played such nice music here while Senkawa-kun was remembering the events before his death.

Okay, there are 2 things that I found wrong with this guy.

First of all, what’s up with his shirt? Why is he wearing a shirt that says, “The Kiss”?



And second of all, why is he wearing a speedo? I didn’t notice it while watching the episode, but when I went to take a screenshot of them in the pool (for the 3 pics up there) I noticed.




You know what, Senkawa-kun… just go fall in love with Birdy. You’d make me really really happy.

Look at that! Creepy~ I’ve never really liked Nakasugi-san.  And now, forget it. Though, there might be future events that may happen which would cause me to like her. Like Midori-chan.

I had many different little theories about this lady and Nakasugi-san but… I think most of them got flushed down the toilet. Gaa~ I don’t know what to think. Except that Nakasugi-san is creepy.

Yay! Shion is back! Though I wonder how she’ll fare without Tute.