“No, he’s still a kid.”

Good eyes.

by Llora-chan


What made me happy this episode was watching Birdy and seeing Nekomimi-chan (I don’t know what her name is, but hopefully you know what I’m talking about).

The scenery was also very nice. Really pretty ^^

Now, on to Birdy~

I liked the black on Birdy. It matches with her blue eyes nicely in this picture.





She had really pretty eyes here.






Birdy has so many expressions and such that she could become a model! Oh wait… she already is. Speaking of which, we haven’t seen Shion for a while. I wonder if Birdy will still use that alias even though Tute is dead.



Just real quick, this pic is for my sis who’s like MIA at this site. She’s probably too busy working on her Piczo website. It’s a funny looking squid thing that I thought she’d like.




And last but not least: Nekomimi-chan!

 Yay for Nekomimi-chan! She saved Senkawa-kun this episode. ^^

For the next episode, Senkawa-kun is going to Nakasugi-san’s party. I don’t care much for the relationship between her and Senkawa-kun. I would much rather see Senkawa-kun with Nekomimi-chan (because she’s so cute). I think the cutest type of relationship between Senkawa-kun and Birdy would be if Birdy acted as an oneesan to Senkawa-kun. Or something like that~ ^^