“A dream?”

Nope. Reality.

by Llora-chan

Kyaa~ This episode was great! Because of the relationship between Tsubame-chan and Takeshi-kun. ♥ And also because Takeshi-kun was wearing a hat. Gyaa~ Now I want Sasada-chan to go away and be replaced with Tsubame-chan. But Tsubame-chan is gone, so Sasada-chan will have to stay. Make yourself worthy, Sasada-chan!

Look look:

Takeshi-kun handled his tears really nicely at the end. It made me want to hug him~

Oh, and here are some pics of Takeshi-kun and his hat:

And for next time, a kawaii kitsune girl appears. And look, it has to do with a hat!

Before I started typing this post, I went over to kanzeon’s blog and played “Fly Away” (which now that I think about it, I could’ve just gone to My Music folder and played this song). I had that song playing the whole time. I love that song~ especially with this episode.