“There was a knife on his back.”

Oh my.

by Llora-chan


After their entire explanation, I looked like Ran-chan. Her face, that is. I could not keep up with what they were saying. I understood the main idea (I think) but~

Most of this episode was talking about the murder and stuff which equals boring. Well, it wasn’t very boring but whatever~ I just wanted this episode to end.

Gya!!! I want some Rui X Ran moments! *Throws teacup at the wall* But I at least there were 2 pics of Rin X Midori that I liked… A LOT~ ♥

NOTE: If the pictures aren’t showing up, right-click on the red x and then click on ‘Show Picture.’

Scene #1

Scene #2

Also, I wonder what Midori-chan was dreaming about~ ^^

Get ready… lots of pics:

My, Midori-chan… you look cute today. Is it because you’re on a date with Rin-oniichan? ^^

Looks like she’s mad because their moment was interrupted.

She’s ready for a kiss!

But Ran-chan says, “There’s work to be done!”

So, Midori-chan thinks about it…

Then she puts on her game face.

Oh! Looks like she’s in it for the money.

And Rin-oniichan thought she was a nice and sweet girl. Ayase-kun’s thinking to himself, “Boy, were you wrong. She’s one crazy girl.”

He he~ I’m having too much fun. 😛

And as for the nect episode… it looks like Midori-chan is getting even more crazier. Must be from falling in love. It doesn’t look like there will be anything for Rui X Ran.

Her face reminds me of Usagi from Sailor Moon. Yeah…