“Why do you want to go so much, Sasada?”

Because she likes you!

by Llora-chan


Kyaa~ This episode was much better than the last one because… Sasada-chan may actually like Takeshi-kun!

Why else would Sasada-chan blush? I don’t think it was because she was embarrassed. It seemed like what she said was something she kinda brought up on the spot.




Sasada-chan looked so cute in this pic. ^^ Kyaa~ Takeshi ♥ Sasada ~ What is Sasada-chan’s given name? Sasada is her family name, right? I know Natsume’s given name is Takeshi and I’m probably am the only one who uses his given name.

These 2 had one silly argument. They still haven’t told us their names, right? Anyways, I would eat the kitsune (fox) before it absorb the soup. I don’t like my meat to be soggy.






I like Mikuri-kyun~

He’s funny and kawaii~


I can’t wait to see Takeshi-kun in a hat ^^