“Two years ago, the only person who would take us in was Owner-san.”

Aww~ How sweet. I like him. ^^

by Llora-chan


Kyo-chan and Asu-chan are actually quite popular. Everyone wanted them to stay at their house.

Gak! Two old ladies in towels!

Asu-chan kinda looks like Shana-chan, right? …Maybe it’s just me but every time she has her hair like that I think of Shana-chan.

So, they’re able to continue living in the apartment. I KNEW that the Owner was doing it out of his own niceness. Anyways, next episode seems to focus on Ginko-chan and her oneechan.

On a side note, Binbou Shimai Monogatari is fun to say. ^^ Well, if you pronounce it correctly, at least.