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I can buy lots of manga!

by Llora-chan

Whenever they go off into their own world, it makes me think of Shaft. Which then makes me think of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, ef – a tale of memories, and… uh~ I know there was another show… Darn it. I forgot it. Maybe it was just those 2.

Kyo-chan’s amazing to be able to do newspaper runs and to do a tutoring job. And I just found out that she’s a middle schooler. I thought she was in high school. That makes her even more amazing!

I think that if Kyo-chan kept the fact that she’s going to Asu-chan’s open house a secret, then things might’ve been easier. But since Kyo-chan IS Kyo-chan, I can overlook that. ^^

Asu-chan is soooooooo kawaii~

This lady scared me. I can’t even remember her name. I was about to go, “Listen lady, get your hands off Kyo-chan! You’re freaking Kyo-chan out AND you’re freaking ME out!” I would’ve probably said that if I were there… or maybe not. What might happen is that I’ll just stay silent as all the different possibilities go though my mind. Yeah~ that just might be what happens. Nee~ doesn’t Kyo-chan kinda look like Haruhi from Ouran High School?

Next time, it looks like the sisters have to get out of the apartment. I bet the Owner is making them get out because of his niceness or something.