“In the end it was sold out!

Sorry, try again.

by Llora-chan


This pic above showed how much those sisters are in their own world. Even Ginko-chan can’t understand them!

Now, I understand that they’re sisters and they love each other and all… but their relationship kinda bothers me, or just how they act with each other.

Like when Asu-chan asked Kyo-chan to give the pork to Ginko-chan, I realy think Kyo-chan should’ve told Asu-chan that they shouldn’t give it to Ginko-chan. I mean, sure they could eat something else but Kyo-chan bought it. Even though it was only 88 yen, they ARE binbou (poor).

I TOTALLY knew that she had a pet alligator. I guessed it as soon as Ginko-chan said, “John!” I guess you can call it, woman’s intuition? Or maybe a 6th sense?

Next time, Asu-chan doesn’t want Kyo-chan to go to her open house. Maybe because she doesn’t want to be an inconvenience to her.