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Oo~ Eat it with me!

by Llora-chan


I couldn’t find a raw to take screenshots of, so you’ll just have to stick with subbed pics. But anyways, this episode turned out to be different than expected. I thought it would be really happy throughout the whole thing, but it wasn’t. Things took a big turn at the 8 minute mark. It also felt a bit odd as a 1st episode. But it was really good, nonetheless.

It was pretty nice having their mother introuduce us to the sisters.

Here’s Asu-chan: the younger sister who does the chores at home.

And here’s Kyo-chan: the older sister who delivers the newspaper for work.

They have a horrible father who left them. I sure hope he doesn’t come by later in the series and does something dumb.

He he, look. They scratched out his face.



This scene was done very well. The wind that blew in her face showed how the realization hit her. Which was really cool. I’m pretty sure they’ve done that for some othere animes, but I would say that this scene is the best. ^^ Or at least, this is the one that’s impacted me the most.

So next time we’ll see the “big scary demon that comes every month,” a.k.a. the owner. Kyo-chan must dread the days that she has to pay the rent.