Besides watching the new anime that’s out, I watch some old anime too.

So, while watching Kanon (2006) and Ashita no Nadja, I decided to make this!

Every Friday, I will post up some pics of kisses from animes that I’ve watched. I won’t be able to a post on this next Friday because I’m leaving for my vacation. And also, I won’t be watching any anime there~

So, in this today’s post, it includes Kanon (2006) and Ashita no Nadja.

And, by the way, the IchiRuki pic is by fanartist. ^^

by Llora-chan 

Kya~ I wanted to put 2 other pics from Kanon on here, but my laptop is not cooperating with me. Sorry~

I’m still not entirely sure on how to set this thing up, so if you have any suggestions please tell me.