August 2008

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Shugo Chara! This is The Real Me!?

I am not so sure what the actual name is but out of what I have read it is “This is The Real Me!?”.

The game does inclued different mini-games and if I am correct, Dia. Also, Amu does a charcter change with Kiseki. I do have the first game and it was very fun, it does go by the anime (at some points) so it was easy to tell what to do next. So look forward to the second game! You can purchase the first game on ebay.

It will be released Novemer 6th!


Yeah, I’m going to drop this because I’ve been kinda bleh with it and I’m too busy. I know it’s only 5 minutes, but I still don’t want to blog it. I’ll leave this to Kanzeon.

But here’s some pics of chocolate: (more…)



Rima’s Advent!? The God of Comedy!


Okay, since school started on Wednesday, I have not been able to go on my blog at all.

So, I’m behind on all my shows again… But because of school and Cross Country (it’s running not traveling) I’ll probably only have time to blog shows and that’s it. For now.

And~ do you like the Neuro pic I found?

by Llora-chan

“Ah, when should I start puking…”

When a cockroach is crawling on her leg while a giant spider is on her face and she’s laughing about it. (I couldn’t think of anything for Ginko-chan’s comment.)

by Llora-chan


Before I left for Alaska, I made some scheduled posts to be put up while I was gone.

But I didn’t have enough time to finish blogging all 10 episodes of Binbou Shimai Monogatari and it was a really nice show.

So, I want to finish blogging it. And that way, this will be my 1st completed anime (in terms of blogging, of course).

And since I’m all caught up with all the series that I’m currently blogging, I wanted to do something to get rid of my boredom. Yep~

by Llora-chan

Here are my binder covers. I decided to use Midori-chan since she’s my favorite character from the summer anime season.

Click on them to see the full version.

by Llora-chan

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