“Why was there a coin on the floor?”

Because someone obviously dropped it, duh.

by Llora-chan


This time, we got to see Midori-chan go all gaa-gaa eyes on Rin-oniichan again. And after thinking about it, Ran-san’s and Midori-chan’s friendship reminds me of Usagi-chan’s and Rei-chan’s friendship (Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars). Ran-san would be Usagi-chan and Rei-chan would be Midori-chan.

Midori-chan’s “Tsk tsk. Sore wa chigau!” was wonderful. (“But, that’s wrong!”) If you didn’t pay attention to her voice because you’re too busy reading the subs or something, go back and watch this part. He he, Midori-chan is funny~

 Next time, it looks like Midori-chan is thinking about Rin-oniichan again. ♥