I got a new game today!

I got Etrian Odyssey because it looked pretty interesting and fun and because I liked the art. ^^

So, since I’m bored and have no anime to blog at the moment… I will blog about my game.

SInce today is my first day playing it, this post is marked as Day 1. The next day I play it, it will be marked Day 2. Got the picture? That’s how I’ll be blogging this.

First, after the little intro, I created a guild. After 10 minutes of thinking I finally came up with a name! I named it “TsukiRyu”. It’s Tsuki for Moon and Ryu for Dragon so: MoonDragon! The 1st name I came up with was Lorenya but it made me think of Lorenzo and I didn’t want to think that.

Then I created characters.

Name: Llora

Class: Medic

Reason for name: I just had to make a character of myself. And, I needed to be a medic since that’s what I usually am, or a sword fighter. The other medic didn’t look like me that much so I picked this one. I don’t have short her like her but whatever~  (My hair is like 3 inches below my shoulders.)





Name: Sensei

Class: Landsknecht

Reason for name: I named this guy Sensei because he reminded me of Ishida-sensei (is that his name?) from Bamboo Blade.






Name: Link

Class: Survivalist

Reason for name: He reminded me of Link from the Legend of Zelda games.






Name: Alphonse

Class: Protector

Reason for name: He reminded me of Al from Fullmetal Alchemist.






Name: Filler

Class: Dark Hunter

Reason for name: He reminded me of that guy (I can’t remember his name) during the Bount arc in Bleach. And since the Bount arc was all fillers, I named this guy Filler. …I wish those fillers would die.





Name: Kurogane

Class: Alchemist

Reason for name: His eyes reminded me of young Kurogane from Tsubasa Chronicles. Plus the fact that they have the same hair and eye color.






Name: Renji

Class: Troubadour

Reason for name: I was at first going to name him Itsuki from Haruhi Suzumiya but then I thought of Renji from ef – Tale of Memories. The front part of this guy’s hair reminded me more of Renji so I stuck with his name.





Then, after I created these characters I noticed that I’m the only girl. I brushed it off since I could always create more later. But~ I got all these guys to protect me so I’m okay at the moment. ^^

Then I put them in formation:

  • Front
  •  Sensei
  •  Link
  •  Alphonse

  • Back
  •  Llora
  •  Kurogane
  • I couldn’t put anyone in the 3rd slot

I don’t know if they only allow 5 members in your party, but they had 6 slots and I could only put 5 people in.

After I put them in formation, I left the guild place, went to the inn, and then saved. Then I shut it off.

That’s it for today. I’ll play some more tomorrow. ^^