“I can’t forget.”

I can’t forget… Midori-chan’s and Ran-san’s faces.

by Llora-chan


I cant forget.

Well, this week, Midori-chan almost died… Yeah, but she didn’t of course. Though I thought it would make the series very interesting if she did died. I use the word ‘interesting’ for lack of a better word. Anyways, I thought it was pretty weird for the Emahi grass to kinda kill Midori-chan to get Ran-san to blow them away with the wind. I think that voice (that Ran-san kept hearing) could’ve at least told her to blow them away without having to go to such drastic measures. Whatever~

Ran-san had the most cutest face while she was laughing.





She has never been this cute before. Kawaii~






But then Ran-san goes and get herself almost killed too.

It’s a good thing that Ayase-kun was there to save her from falling off that cliff.

Even the monkey helped out!






When Midori-chan starts working she goes from this (above) to this (below).


And I thought that we were done with Momoko-sensei, at least for a while.

I completely didn’t expect Yurie-san to be her.

Well, I don’t think this will be the last time we see her. She’ll probably come back to surprise us.

Next time, we get to see Midori-chan being all lovey-dovey. ^^ And they go to the onsen!