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Character Transformation?! Platinum Royale

By: Soniku-Chan 

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Well, I am a bit lazy to write right now so it will be short! 

Here we have Tadase when he was younger! ^^ He looks cuter that way, but he still looks girly -.- (Sorry Tadase Fans)

Well, he was having a dream about when he was younger. When he woke up he went to his grandmother’s room and changed the flowers to new, fresh ones. Although his grandmother never realizes.

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As we move on to Amu, she yawns and the Chara’s tell her to stop. Why? To take the measurements of how long Amu’s mouth opens. XD She got 12 centimeters! Yay Amu! I like how Suu says that they can all fit in there XD.



ShugoChara395.jpg picture by DoSheGooLater on, during the day, the Guardians are talking about a new CD called Black Diamond. It gives you anything you want! Amu said that she wanted to hear it, but Yaya was freaking her out. Only one person could listen to it; if not, bad things would happen, according to Yaya. While all of that is going on, Kairi must put one of the Black Diamond CDs into Tadase’s Bag.ShugoChara396.jpg picture by DoSheGoo




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After Tadase goes home a different way and Amu follows him, they end up at the Planetarium and Amu and Tadase start Talking. Tadase says stuff and starts to get Kiseki mad. As he continues he says that he should have Kiseki as a Would-Be-Self. Kiseki gets mad and flies off.

After, they show Tadase in his room and when he grabs his bag he sees that he has the Black Diamond CD. He decides to listen to it. Kiseki then enters Tadase’s room, and sees that Tadase was listening to the CD. ShugoChara398.jpg picture by DoSheGoo

Kiseki is forced in his egg, and all he sees is Tadase leave the room. Kiseki hurries to Amu. Later, Amu sees a shooting star. She wishes that Tadase gets better. Then the shooting star hits her (As Ran Says) XD

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So Kiseki explains every thing and Amu tries to find Tadase, but as soon as Amu finds Tadase, Kiseki becomes an X egg.ShugoChara3910.jpg picture by DoSheGoo


Kee Hee~ Now I leave the rest to You!



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