“You okay?”

Yeah, I’m fine. Though, I did die from Nyanko-sensei’s cuteness last week.

by Llora-chan

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis episode wasn’t as exciting for me as last week’s episode. I wonder if that has to do with Nyanko-sensei. He showed a lot of cuteness last time. I think the litte frog was cuter than him in this episode.

It was nice to see that Takeshi-kun might be able to friends with those 2 guys (left hand side).


I thought that Takeshi-kun will definitely be friends with that other guy, Tanuma-kun (right hand side). But I didn’t see him at all in the preview for the next ep so maybe he’s just not important or whatever. Maybe Tanuma-kun is there just as a person that he can talk to about the spirits and such.

This scene reminded me of XXXHOLiC. It was when Watanuki was seeing this woman at the park and then soon found out later that she wasn’t a human or something like that. I think Doumeki pointed it out to Watanuki. I don’t remember but it’s something similar. I gotta reread my XXHOLiC books afters it’s finished. There’s so much information and foreshadowing that it’s easy to miss.

So next time, it seems that the episode will focus on that girl (I forgot her name but I do like the clip in her hair).