“So, it can’t be helped.”

Midori-chan (previously referred to as Naha-san) is now my favorite character in this show.

by Llora-chan

I love you Midori-chan!! You have proved yourself love-able!! Hee hee, I can’t believe she fell in love with Rin-oniichan. At least, Ran-san will most definitely have Ayase-kun. ^^

So it seems that Midori-chan is the best when she’s hanging out with Ran-san. I’m so glad Ran-san and her had that super long talk while Midori-chan was dangling from the roof. Of course, things will always work out if you’re put in a life-threatening situation. Though, now that I think about it, couldn’t Naha-san Midori-chan use her powers to save herself from falling to her death? Well, whatever~

Ran-san’s daydream was like… Kyaaa~! >.<

“Next, walk toward me slowly and say… ‘Ran, I love you.'”

Kyaaa~! Exact quote from the BakaWolf & m.3.3.w sub.

She’s hopelessly in love… just like Midori-chan. >.< Yay!! For lovey-dovey-ness!

And also, the 2 times that Ayase-kun was called her boyfriend, Ran-san never rejected it! She didn’t deny the fact at all! …He he, neither did Ayase-kun.


Anyways, what really helped this episode was that it had lots of fun in the beginning. The entire 1st half woke me up from the sleepy state that I was in all day.

 And right before I watched this episode, I watched an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist (since I haven’t finished that series yet and since there’s going to be a second season coming I need to finish it). It was the episode when Ed and Al’s alchemist teacher came. And at the very end of the episode she started beat Ed and Al because they tried to revive their mother. But then she hugged them… sad. T^T But you know what’s even more sad? That my foot is numb. Why? Because I put my laptop on top of my foot while I was typing this paragraph. Now my foot is all tingly.

So, after watching that in Fullmetal Alchemist, this is a pretty good medicine to take. Not saying that that event was a disease, but you need some happiness after some sadness. ^^

Ran-san looked absolutely lovely as the wind blew. He he, she should be part of the Zettai Karen Children (a.k.a. Absolutely Lovely Children).

And so, for next time, we’ll see what’s up with Yurie-san. I kinda think that that creepy dude with no pupils (Ran-san’s dad’s friend) has some powers which could be the reason that Midori-chan couldn’t read his thoughts. Then that creepy dude may have created an illusion of Yurie-san or something like that.

WoW~ Lots of text today.