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Free Image Hosting at“My sister has superpowers?”

Welcome to the club.

by Llora-chan


Rin-oniichan is…


KAKKOI!!!  (Cool)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usRan-san has the coolest oniichan. Who’d expect that Rin-oniichan would be so excited about the fact that his sister has superpowers. I didn’t even think that Ran-san would tell anyone except Ayase-kun about her powers.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usNow if only Touya-kun was like Rin-oniichan. (This is like my 2nd anime post in a row that I mentioned Cardcaptor Sakura.Though, it’s kinda funny because Touya-kun and Rin-oniichan have the same seiyuu.)

Oh my goodness. …That picture of Touya-kun looks like my Uncle Joe. And he also looks like Joe from the Jonas Brothers. I just realized that.

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WoW~ He’s so excited that he can’t stop smiling.

Gyaa! She’s back to kill us!!


Sankyuu Rin-oniichan!

 Oh! She resurrected!


 Oh! Her butt hurts!


And her head hurts…



That’s right. She got a perfect score on her pop quiz that she took the past episode. (Remember the Big Dipper?)



Gya~ Inoue-san! I thought you were chasing after Ichigo in your dreams-Oh… It’s just Naha-san. Gyaa~ It’s still a lose-lose situation.

But Ran-san is safe! So, I guess it could be… um… a lose-lose-win situation. (Do those exist? …Well, they do now.)

But doesn’t Naha-san’s block shield thingy look like Inoue-san’s block shield thingy? It think it’s called Santen Kisshin. I can’t remember but I don’t really care for Inoue-san.

KYAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!! >.< Mite! mite!! Look! look!! Ran-san said, “Rui, daisuki!” (<-Exact Quote) Oh, and also look at Naha-san’s face.

I really didn’t expect Naha-san and Ran-san to become friends THAT quickly. Though it felt like forever that Naha-san was dangling from the roof.

And I’m starting to like Naha-san more. *GASP* But it’s not because they became friends! It’s because… Naha-san’s seiyuu is Ueda Kana. Her voice reminded me of Honami-chan from Rental Magica A LOT this episode! I think as long as Naha-san doesn’t act all “nose-up” and act like she’s better than you but you have to feel sorry for her because she’s a monster… then she’s okay. 

Lastly, that’s a funny monkey.