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Without the Lock We can’t do a Character Transformation!!!!


Well in this episode Amu’s lock get Stolen, By Who? Lets see,

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So in the beginning It shows Kairi talking to his sister. Unfortunately, Kairi didn’t want to do this mission but he had to. His mission was to take the Humpty Lock from Amu. So Anyways, I wasn’t sure if it was the next day or the same day, but the Guardians were playing Cards. ShugoChara382.jpg picture by DoSheGoo


Poor Amu-Chi. I am not sure what card game they were playing but you weren’t supposed to get the Joker, I guess. So It was Amu’s Turn Picking a Card from Yaya and Amu picked the Joker (Poor Amu XD). Then Tadase said some really bad joke that made Rima Look creepy….

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 Well Not creepy creepy…..
 But Look at Yaya!
ShugoChara384.jpg picture by DoSheGooAnyways after all that happened Kairi was looking at Amu, So Yaya said that he was staring at Amu deeply. He got nervous then Rima said “Maybe it is Love?” and then Tadase said“Is That True?” Anyways it was just crazy…
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 So while they were having a big commotion about that, they were showing what the Chara’s were doing. Obviously, Keiseki was thinking about ruling the world so when he went to talk to everyone, they were playing catch!
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 He wanted to talk about the same stuff he’s always talking about… Nothing new.
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When they all went home Miki, Ran, and Suu Where Talking to Amu about having no school the next day, but then Eru Brought up a Question. “Amu, Why do you have the Lock?” Eru Asked. So after Amu explained, Eru goes to sleep…
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It then shows Ikuto holding the Key to the Humpty Lock. He said something about a Gate. What is this Gate? Ahh~ We’ll see later!
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Later Kairi’s Sister called asking If he got the Lock. He said No and She wonder why he was taking so long to get it. So it when to focus on His Sister now and some guy came to her saying he had an Idea and all I don’t think she thought it was good, anyways So  She Got an Idea and Told him But Iru was eavesdropping.
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The Next Day, Due to no School Amu, Ami, and their Dad Where Going to Be Lazy!!!!
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ShugoChara3816.jpg picture by DoSheGooAnd So we go back to Kairi, He was going to call Amu to bring the Lock to him. Kairi thought it would be easier if the others weren’t around.
So when He called… ShugoChara3817.jpg picture by DoSheGoo
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Ami picked it up Saying that it was Amu’s Boyfriend on the Phone XD.
Their Dadwent Crazy so Amu ran to the phone.
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Amu went to the Park and Saw Kairi, Kairi asked for the Lock but she said she Lost it…
He said he had needed it to see if he can power up the Guardians.
After it went to what the Chara’s where doing,they Were waiting for Musashi, but he was withKairi, So they decided to Start with out him. Kieseki said that Eru could not be there because she is an Enemy but to stay she brought the Humpty Lock!
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Then Iru appears and they all start fighting for the Lock. When it is just Eru and Iru fighting, Kairi comes in.
When Iru drops the Lock, it falls on Eru and Iru runs Away , So Kairi Pics it up, but then that same Guy Comes and snatches it out of his Hand .
ShugoChara3824.jpg picture by DoSheGoo So Ikuto goes and tries to get it, but Right as soon the guy gets into the car Amu appears and thinks that Ikuto is trying to steal it but Yoru points to the Car saying that the Guy in there stole it. So Ikutodoes his Character Transformations and goes After the guy while Amu tries to do hers but fails, Because she did not have her lock, so She did a Character Change with Ran. Luckily Ikuto got the lock and Gave it back to Amu and was gonna put the Key in the Lock.
Now the rest you must See XP  Kee Hee~
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By: Soniku-Chan