Now, let’s do another anime blogging!


Let’s start off this episode:

Yuuto Ayase is some “normal” guy who was introduced to anime by a friend, but has very little interest towards it. He also has little interest towards women due to the fact he lives with his demonic sister and perverted teacher, but there is a girl that would give him hope. Haruka Nogizaka, the school idol and a classy girl too, seems to be a perfect choice, but she has a deep secret.

The Drunk Duo~

Who needs that many maids…

Yuuto was talking to his otaku friend and his friend brought up this anime book that seemed to caught Haruka’s attention. Yuuto was asked be his friend to return the book to the library and while there, he found out some shocking news. Haruka went to borrow the same book in secrecy, but bumped into Yuuto and exposed her otaku hobby!

“Innocent Smile”

Cat’s out of the bag!

After this incident, Haruka avoided Yuuto as much as she can, until he confronted her alone. She told him that she was afraid that everyone would find out and that she’d be made fun of again. But of course, he promised he wouldn’t tell, so all is good…

It a confession! Otaku confession…

Yeah right! Haruka forgot to return the book and during school hours, they would announced the book and the name of the person who borrowed. Cover blown! Not for this hero, Yuuto! He and Haruka sneak into the school library to return it. Problem solved! And because of these turn of events, they seem to have gotten closer. They’re finally on first name bases!


Well, that’s the end of this blog. I will continue this, so check up every now and then.

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