Yo, Zak-kun here. Time for my first blogging! I will be blogging Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo from now on, so look forward to it!

Let’s start off this episode:

Louise and Saitou are on another request from the queen to find the elf girl who brought Saituo back to life. On the road they run into Siesta! (I like love rivals.) And she tags along, though, Louise isn’t too happy about it, but Saitou is okay with it.

You can’t go anywhere without Siesta!!

Miss grumpy face…

So, they continue on until Saitou spotted the elf girl, Tiffania! To Louise and Siesta’s surprise, they didn’t know she was such a big-breasted elf! Tiffania was happy to see Saitou, so she jumps on him and hugs him, and at this moment Louise and Siesta are freaking out. Saitou seems to enjoy this “Bust Revolution” (that’s what he says in the episode), but, again, Louise misunderstands the situation.

Ah~ the sparkley atmosphere~

He’s enjoying it.

Poor Saitou, no one every lets him have a break from the big-busted girls. Lousie is alone in the forest after yelling at Saitou and thinking over her thoughts. Siesta comes by and joined forces with Lousie to take Saitou away from breast women, but then they were attack by the creepy lady (i forgot her name) and try to fight back.

Look! A landmark! It looks familiar…

The Saitou Force!!

Lousie was doing a good job with her void magic, but she can’t do it alone, so she decides to re-summon her familiar, hoping to get Saitou, and well, she got him! The creepy lady leaves and Saitou got his mark back, but that means he’s back to being her doggy. Oh, well… at least he’s with his girl.


Yay! The freaky letters are back!

I hoped you liked my blogging! I’ll try doing other anime blogging so look forward to that, and please comment! I would like to know what your thinking… something like that.