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They found the chocolate.

by Llora-chan


They found the chocolate!! Oh, I’m so happy. And so are Huntley-kun and Smudger-kun!

This episode focused on Huntley-kun and Smudger-kun as they revealed the code and found the chocolate party!! I found the way they used Columbus very interesting and cool. The creator of Chocolate Underground really did some work to use Columbus as a reference.


It’s Pocky!

Seeing all the chocolate made me want to eat them! It all looked so good~ I even bet that there’s some chocolate milk in those tea kettle things. This is truly a chocoholic’s dream.

I thought they were drunk on chocolate when I saw this.

Oh no! The C.P.S. has arrived! Eat, eat, eat!! They’re coming to get you!!! He he… What does that stand for anyway? Is it the Chocolate Police Squad or is it the Chocolate Prohibited S… Gaa~ I wanted to say something funny. Oh well, I couldn’t think of anythung.

So, since the chocolate was found we must dance! WE MUST DISCO!!!!!!!!

And that is why I have provided a video for you. 😉


This is Chocolate Disco by Perfume.