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Not just a cat; a funky funny-looking cat! Cool~

by Llora-chan


Just taking a stroll with my cat.

This turned out to be much better than expected. ^^ I like the feeling it gives off. I like the guy and I absolutely adore the cat.  He’s so cool… the cat, I mean.

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I thought the name “Book of Friends” was really weird during the episode… until the end when I figured it out. Reiko-san (his grandmother) had wanted friends because she really didn’t have anyone else. I just pretty much simplified it, but I think you got my idea. If you don’t get it… then… I’m sorry. But whatever.

I was able to realized that when I saw the story of Reiko-chan (the spirit).

That story was so cute. ^^ But poor Reiko-chan; she was waiting and waiting for Reiko-san and she never showed up or even called for her. That last picture especially reminds me of Hagu-chan from Honey and Clover.

I also felt pretty bad for Takeshi-kun. He would always be looked at as weird or creepy. (Reminds me of someone. Someone that I really don’t like or feel sorry for. Someone who got slapped.) But anyways, Takeshi-kun had a different personality than I thought he would have. Though, I’m glad that his personality was very like-able. At least to me.