My grandpa is in the hospital. He has been there since yesterday (July 10) and will stay there for a while. He’s going to have sugery (I think it’s open-heart surgery) on Monday but he still needs to see the surgeon to see IF they can do it on Monday. We’ll see.

I will not be able to get on my laptop for a while because I will be staying in the hospital. I will able to go on sometimes when I get home (like now) though.

So, while I spent 7 hours at the hospital today, I did some thinking.

I will not be blogging Someday’s Dreamers, Slayers Revolution, or Zero no Tsukaima. I’m already behind on some shows that I need to type up and getting rid of those 3 shows will help… especially since I’ll be at the hospital most of the time.

These are the animes I WILL blog:

  1. Chocolate Underground
  2. Natsume Yuujin Chou
  3. Telepathy Shoujo Ran
  4. Testuwan Birdy Decode
  5. World Destruction

Please pray for him.

by Llora-chan