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It’s the 2nd season of Someday’s Dreamers!

by Llora-chan


It’s the 2nd season of Someday’s Dreamers! I’ve read the manga and I love it. Now… I saw the 1st episode of the 1st season and I hated it. Why? I think it was because I watched it as a dub. I could not find any subs. Now, I wouldn’t mind watching it as a dub… but I don’t know, I couldn’t watch Someday’s Dreamers as a dub.

Nowadays, I find it hard to find an anime with good English voice actors. Ones that can actually show some emotion or whatever… It felt really odd watching Someday’s Dreamers with those English voices. Some people might be saying, “Well, of course they can’t be compared to the Japanese VAs because the Japanese are the original voice,” or whatever, blah, blah, blah…

As you can most probably tell, I’m in a bad mood. Why?:

  • My little sister ( age 8 ) slammed door on my knee and my head which caused me to fall back onto my desk, hit it, then fall on to the floor. Yeah, pain… A LOT! I couldn’t even stand!! My little sister has a habit of slamming doors when she’s really mad. She’s going bring the house down one day with her constant slamming.
  • I just got over stress of doing my Biology assignment. Gyaa~
  • Watching this episode got me going crazy with the backrounds and it kept reminding me of the 1st season.

You know, I started blogging because I’ve read that journaling or writing things out helps relieve stress. I think it’s true. …I feel a bit better now.


So, anyways~ Let’s go back to the episode…  It was a pretty nice episode…

It kinda takes getting used to with the backgrounds and such. The backgrounds I think got more attention than the characters. At many times, the characters wouldn’t look good. I could Sora-san’s face getting really chubby and back to normal many times.


Because it’s a slice-of-life show, it has a tendency to be slow. This show might get really good. I’m just not happy with the 1st episode.

Aria came to mind while writing that last paragraph. Aria was a beautiful show… but it WOULD get boring SOMETIMES. I’m still stuck on watching the 2nd season but I did watch the 1st and the 3rd.

I may decide to not blog this show, but I will probably continue watching it anyway. I’ll give this a few more episodes.