Today I’ve Been Playing Sonic Adventures 2 Battle all day long! SO I decided to take some pictures of me and My sister doing Tails’ Route 101 Mission.

img387/5205/dsc00686bf4.jpgWell here on the Right we have Miles “Tails” Prower, Our Passenger on Tornado Car(Thingy).

Sorry the picture was bad, We took this after all this (We Were still laughing after my mission I did).




The First Thing we did was the 4th Mission “Don’t Hit Any Walls“. I was unable to do it (DX) but Llora was, I was having soooo much trouble towards the end xD, So I would run out of time. I gave it to Llora after that. She did better that me and was able to control it, I didnt have the Camara at that time but by the time I got the camara she finished. At the end we got a D! Yay!






The Second was the 5th and Final Mission, ” Clear in Hard Mode” . I did this one! I was think it was gonna be like the Expert Stage in the Kart Race (I did expert cause I was bored XP). But it was Not!!!! It was exactly the Same just more cars,less time, and I think you go faster…Anyways, It was sooo much Fun! I crashed into every car, every wall and pretty much every thing Possible! We were Laughing like crazy cause you would see cars flying everywhere!  At the end I didn’t make it, But it was A fun Drive!

Here are some pictures (taken by Llora)We were Laughing so some pictures may be bad.













By: Soniku-Chan