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“Do you want to eat chocolate?”

Of course I would!

by Llora-chan


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So, because of my weird, old computer that I got back in 2006, I have to put my images as thumbnails and they are super small. But because I have these tiny images, I’ll probably put a lot more than usual.

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But anyways, this episode showed Smudger-kun’s and Huntley’s family. Their families are really nice. Though, I would be scared with Smudger-kun’s sister. She is cute but I don’t want to be hit with a pan. I have gotten hit with a pan before… when I was playing Super Smash Bros.

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I felt that it showed that both Huntley-kun and Smudger-kun’s are very considerate about their family. The relationship between Smudger-kun and his little sister was very cute. There was also some reallly nice music that played when Smudger-kun got home.

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I thought he was very cool when he did this. I’m pretty sure that his sister was like, “Onii-chan! Kakkoii!” Cool~

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usHuntley-kun is amazing. He ate the healthy bread pudding (or at least took one bite) and I loved the words he chose to say, “Your cooking is great, Mom! But sugar, vanilla, and even honey are banned. Nothing we can do about it.” 


And then, “…I promised to protect Mom’s smile.” Kyaa~~ >_<



And so, they start the search.

There wasn’t very much to talk about this episode. I probably had more to talk about it yesterday when I  actually watched the episode. But whatever, I have a dumb computer. I’ll hopefully be able to get one this Christmas.

Happy 4th of July 😉