The Flag for the Good-For-You PartyA chocolate wrapper!







“Chocolate is being trade in secret.”

The rumor is heard. Now it begins.

by Llora-chan

I really really liked this episode. I don’t know what it was that put me in a good mood. Maybe it was the fact that the rumor was told to Huntley-kun (or Huntly?) and Smudger-kun. Or it could be that I found out many things in this episode that I didn’t notice in the 1st. So let start with their names.

Smudger-kun and Huntley-kunSo, I was finally able to figure out who was who. Smudger-kun is on the left and Huntley-kun is on the right. I was able to figure that out once they found the chocolate wrapper.

Huntley-kun: What’s wrong?
Smudger-kun: *sniffs wrapper* Chocolate. Hey, Huntley…



Smudger-kun, you remind me of a delinquent.

Next, look at Smudger-kun. He has a double earing!!! On both ears too!!

Aww~ His face looks so kawaii~ His hair looks familiar… it kinda looks like Thobari-sensei from Nabari no Ou.Thobari-sensei! Thanks for making an appearance!

Well, I shouldn’t go any farther on which character looks like who. Maybe in another post. ^^

Do you see? Huntley-kun is taller than Smudger-kun! I didn’t realized that until I saw that third pic that I posted for the chart. And we already know that Louise is taller than both of them. That was easy to see in the 1st episode.The Height Comparison Chart!

 Louise-chan is blushing~

So, it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day. What would you give on Valentine’s Day? Maybe some fake chocolate?

Louise-chan: P-please accept my chocolate! I-it’s chicken-flavored!
(Insert name of the guy she likes): Cool! I love chicken-flavored chocolate!

Imagine that…

But, Louise-chan likes someone!! She didn’t tell us who, though. Now, judging by her reaction it could have been one (or none) of these four things:

  • Since everyone was there, she was too embarrassed to say it out loud.
  • It could have been either Huntley-kun or Smudger-kun who she likes and she didn’t want to say it in front of the others.
  • It could have not been Huntley-kun or Smudger-kun that she likes and she’s afraid to say anything because they might start making fun of her for liking that certain person.
  • Louise-chan might not be saying it just to tease everyone (including the viewers) who do want to know.

For this show, I can’t really predict  who she’s going to end up with… which is a good thing. There’s a lot of shows that you know, YOU DEFINITELY KNOW AND YOU REALLY REALLY KNOW, who going to end up with who because it is so darn obvious. I don’t want to get all crazy about that but here’s a post by Hinano.

 Smudger-kun, don't open your mouth. You might get some chocolate from a bird.

But, the relationship between them all is really nice. I really like it. It makes me like the characters a lot more.

It seem that they both know that they both like Louise-chan. And they’re both pretty calm at that fact. But I get the feeling that, somewhere down the line, they are going to get into a fight. Not a verbal fight but an actual fight. I can just imagine it in my head… Wonderful~ A pile of dirt~But we’ll see how it’ll all work out.

So, now they’re getting closer to the chocolate since they found that Columbus thing.

Journey to the ends to find the wonderful treasure. The treasure… known as the the wonderful, ….the beautiful,…. and delicious,… CHOCOLATE!!!!