NO~!!!! My precious tablet laptop’s keyboard thingy is Hanatarou is Dizzy~broken so I can’t type!!! I had to take a computer’s keyboard to actually type this. -_-

But anyways, on to the features…

Seeing how busy my life gets, I can’t have that many features. Many things can stop me from getting to this blog. So, I have taken these features off:

  • Friday Is Filled With…

Yeah, it’s only one but that makes a big difference. So what I have is:

  • Manga Monday
  • A Tale on Tuesday
  • Rukia’s Thursday
  • Seiyuus on Saturday

Now, I may post these later on in the day. But they WILL be posted.

This blog will now include posts from my sister, Soniku-chan. So, please welcome her. ^^ She’s not very good at writing so I’ll be helping her a bit.