I’m going to have many types of features!! What am I talking about?Would you like some features?

I’m talking about having… themes (I guess you can call it that). If I have… themes (sounds weird) I can… Gya~ Let me start over.

With themes features, I have the ability to occupy myself with random things (but, of course, with a certain theme) because:

  • I’m bored
  • I have nothing else to do
  • I want to type but I don’t know what to type
  • Eh~ I don’t know what to do
  • I need to type because I’m stressed
  • It’ll make this blog more fun
  • To get into a good mood
  • To start a discussion

Those would be some reasons that I would do the features. If you still have no idea of what I’m talking about don’t worry you’ll get it. My Anime Week that I started a few weeks ago is an example.

For daily features:

Tokidoki-kun wants some manga ^^Manga Monday:

On Mondays, I bring up some random manga. It’ll most likely be the ones I’m completely obsessed about. And I don’t have to mention just one manga; I’ll put as many manga post on Mondays as I please. I might also do some manga comparisons with some current anime.

Nee~ For this feature, you can request some manga you want me to  or whatever.  Request and your wish is my command~ But NOT ALL requests will be done. Depending on what it is I may either do it or not. Okay, now that we got that settled: On to the next!!

Let's read and take a nap~A Tale On Tuesday:

On Tuesdays,  you’ll see stories that are written by me. I’ll, of course include some pictures drawn by me.

For this, I’ll do some something original or a fanfic. Yes~ A fanfic. A fanfic can mean wonderful things. Want to make a request? Go ahead. Remember: NOT all are accepted.

Kyaa~ An Ichiruki fanfic ^^ ~ Oh! Sorry, I almost left to Ichiruki world. Now back to writing.

Shion-chan has her notebook ready!Wednesday’s A Day To Write-Out What You Want:

On Wednesdays, I’ll be writing about whatever I feel like. It can be Ichiruki (^^ Kyaa~ ♥♥), anime stuff, annoying stuff, couples (Kya~ ♥), whatever.

This one there’s no request for (too bad, so sad). Why? Because if you look at the title it say that I get to write what I want! Ha ha, made you look (…I hope). So if you actually think about it, this isn’t really a feature. Nope, it’s not. This little thing here is just so I can have Shion-chan looking all pretty over there… and so I can say something about Wednesday.

I’m starting to get really sleepy mostly because of the fact it is midnight right now… I had some ramen so hopefully I can stay up long enough to finish. And I continue marching on to the next feature.

Rukia-chan is drinking some tea~Rukia’s Thursday:

On this Thursdays, Rukia-chan will be blogging Bleach. ^^ Oh, Rukia-chan wants to talk now.

Konban wa~ Good evening. It’s midnight. I’m so tired. I can’t believe Llora-chan made me stay up this late.

So anyways, I’ll be the one blogging Bleach starting tomorrow (it’s actually today since it’s midnight). I get to also show you my drawing skills. I’ve been practicing a lot. Okay~ well, I’m going to finish my tea and go to sleep. Oyasumi nasai~

It’s odd that my sleepiness is gone right now. It could be due the fact that there is a storm going on outside and some thunder just scared the sandman’s sand right off of me, but nevertheless~ I continue.

Al-kun and his kitty-cat! Nya~ ^^Friday Is Filled With…:

On Fridays, all of my posts (not including the anime that I blog on that day) will contain something random. For instance, let’s just day that this Friday is filled with tacos! Every post will have to do with tacos.

What I most likely do (I haven’t really decided how I’ll work this one out yet) is create many little stories (pics included) about the random item. So if it’s tacos this Friday I may do tons of mini stories just about tacos!!

And, no, this Friday will not be about tacos.

Yuki-chan is so ka-wa-ii!Seiyuus On A Saturday:

On Saturdays, I will post up many different things about seiyuus. I’ll go through some well known as Fukuyama Jun (Kya~ ♥) and Aya Hirano.

Yuki-chan (to the left) will be shown on Saturday. Well, maybe not this Saturday since I have a party to go to. Oh, Yuki-chan = Matsuoka Yuki.

I can also take requests for this feature. I think I’ll be able to each and every request… maybe, I mean, unless you request someone from a century ago (I was exaggerating, but you know what I mean, hopefully). Next~

Leave me alone.Sheesh! It’s Sunday!:

On Sundays, just like Wednesday, I will do what I want. ^^ So, this isn’t a feature either.

But, look. Kyonko-chan looks so cute that I want to hug her. But she wants me to leave her alone. TT-TT Oh well, she’ll let me hug one day. Yep, one day that might or might not come.

If you try to hug her (by putting your mouse over her) she’ll tell you to leave her alone, too.

So, that’s it. It’s already 1 AM and I don’t want to type anymore. But anyways, I still have much to do. Regarding the requests stuff, I’ll put up a separate post to where everyone can request in comment-form instead of e-mail. That’ll come up soon.

Just a quick rundown, the features are:

  • Manga Monday
  • A Tale On Tuesday
  • Rukia’s Thursday
  • Friday Is Filled With…
  • Seiyuus On A Saturday

And that’s all folks~