Telepathy Girl RanTelepathy Girl Ran

Ran is a bright and energetic first-grader in junior high school who possesses supernatual abilities. Together with Midori (her friend who also has supernatural powers) and Rui, the threesome are constantly embroiled in mysterious circumstances. Ran is troubled by her powers because it seems to spark off the ill intentions of people in contact with her. However, with the support of her family and peers, Ran learns to deal with her ‘other’ side and accepts who she is. The threesome also learn how to team up as a whole and solve these mysterious events. (Taken from ANN)


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This is 26 episode series that started June 21 which will probably end sometime in December. It is being produced by TMS Entertainment who are also working on D. Gray Man, Detective Conan, and Itazura na Kiss (and maybe some others).

The opening is “Aoi Kakera” by Chara and the ending is “Polaris no Namida” by onso9line. I’ve never heard of them before. Well, here is the opening which I wasn’t really impressed with.

The endind wasn’t any better. But I might be able to get used to the ending more than the opening. Also, the ending hints to some rabudabu. ♥

Note: All pictures below are found from MyAnimeList.

Isozaki RanIsozaki Ran

7th grader who has supernatural powers. (Yay! I love supernatural-ness!!)Katou Emiri

She is played by Katou Emiri. Katou-san has also played Blair-san from Soul Eater, Momoko-chan from Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, and Kagami-chan from Lucky Star.




Ayase RuiAyase Rui

I’m guessing he’s in the same class as Isozaki-san. (And just to let you all know, I refer to characters just as I would as in real life. So, since I don’t really know anyone yet, I refer to them as -san.) Ayase-san might be a possible love interest for Isozaki-san.Shimowada Hiroki

He is played by Shimowada Hiroki. Shimowada-san is also Kohori Kazuki from Lovely Complex and Konohamaru-san from Naruto.


Naha MidoriNaha Midori

She also has supernatural powers ^^. Though I think that Naha-san and Isozaki-san don’t like each other (at least, at first.)Ueda Kana

Naha-san is played by Ueda Kana. Ueda-chan is one of my favorite seiyuus and she has done many wonderful roles. Ueda-chan has done Fumika-chan from Shigofumi, Tohsaka Rin from Fate/stay Night, and Honami-san from Rental Magica. I look forward to seeing Naha-san because of Ueda-chan. You know, I one time watched an anime just to hear Fukuyama Jun and Koshimizu Ami. That was… Spice and Wolf. I didn’t like nor did I understand it. But I watched the entire thing because of Jun-kun and Ami-chan.



Isozaki Rin

Isozaki Rin

The father of Isozaki-san… Okay, change of plans! I’ll call the father Isozaki-san and the girl will be Ran-san. So, Isozaki-san is the father of Ran-san, I presume.Seki Tomokazu

He is played by Seki Tomokazu. Seki-san has played Touya-san from Cardcaptor Sakura, Mepple-chi from Pretty Cure, Kitagawa Jun from Kanon, and Sagara Sousuke from Full Metal Panic! 

EDIT: He’s actually the older brother of Ran-san. 

I only put the characters who had their voice actors already known. As I blog the rest of the series, I’ll include some more information. So, that’s it for today. ^^

I’m still waiting for the sub to come out. Gyaa~ Haiyuku!!! But, nevertheless, I’ll will wait for it as for as long as I can. I’m also waiting for the last 2 episodes to come out for Shion no Ou. The very last 2 episodes. It left me screaming at the fact of after marathoning for 3 days of Shion no Ou, only the last 2 important ones were NOT SUBBED. It still isn’t subbed. -_- Oh well.